We design and build beautiful Websites and mobile application services that make a difference

Our motivation is to find new ways to connect with people through bold ideas and experiences. Working with Wachsen Technologies means you meet and work with the creators.

Custom Development & Custom Web Design

Custom means made or performed according to personal order, yes, your business to achieve best results for you. Together we will boost your profit by customizing your project from every aspect starting from planning to promotion. These are a few key factors: efficiency, uniqueness, speed, security, scalability, flexibility, functionality optimised for your business.

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E-Commerce Website Development

In this fast-paced economy e-commerce allows even the smallest business to reach the global audience with its product or message at minimal cost. E-shops are open 24/7 and 365 days a year. The world’s largest retailer Walmart, with one billion dollars in sales per day. They could not anticipate the increasing wave of Internet business.

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Mobile Application Development

Our team will design, build, and support an elegant app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs. We can offer pricing that’s far below market rates, because we’re building on top of a platform of existing components. We develop secure, scalable and intuitive mobile apps that can be deployed across different platforms including iOs and Android.

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SEO Marketing

SEO is the backbone of every company. You need such a sharp SEO optimizer for this task. It includes many experiments to develop and find the way to lead your company. We have the best man for SEO optimization who knows how to tackle and know some modern techniques to over-take the company position. SEO helps you to appear on the front page of Google and for further relevancy SEO optimizer will create a way and fit a keyword accordingly.

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing your services or products through your social platforms can grow your leads to enable your business to grow faster. We have the best social media teams who have years of experience in strategy,, implementation and analysis of campaigns.

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UI/ UX Design

UX Design stands for User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both designs play a vital role in a product. Both are crucial to a product and work closely together. UX Design is more to an analytical and technical side while UI Design is closer to a familiar term graphic design.

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What Makes Us Different

We create bold, innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole organization.

Define your strategy

Scale faster. Do more with less. Align across functions. Whatever your vision, we’ll help you craft an actionable, data-informed strategy.

Know your customers

Uncover golden perspicacity about your customers and win their hearts with personalized, compelling activities.

Design the experience

Maximize approval, support, and ROI. We combine user-centered design with research and strategy to bring an excited x-factor.

Empower your people

Manage the people side of innovation. From quick transmutation to technology adoption, we’ll help you provide the awareness tools.

Improve with data

Make big data, smart data. From real-time data programs in the cloud and user-friendly visible analytics to advancing the boundaries.

Get it all done

Deliver with confidence. Our experienced program managers and solution owners take responsibility for getting projects to the finish.



We leverage our combined value structure to provide long-term large creative solutions.



We recommend to our patrons' robust strategies well linked to long-term shareholder value work.



We partner with our clients to implement tailored, world-class management systems.

Front-End Design

We’ll truly interrogate your systems and create fresh grounds around where the returns may lie and lay.

UI/UX Designing

We encourage new businesses through the pilot stage, creatively problem-solving the solutions.

Branding & Identity

We get under the skin of the subject by exploring your targets and markets from provocative views.